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Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance

Disasters can occur anywhere and at any time. We work with communities to recover and rebuild infrastructure, increase resiliency, and reduce future vulnerability. Our principals have helped communities up the road and around the world prepare for, respond to, and recover from all manner of crises.

Disasters caused by civil unrest, pandemics, and mother nature require humanitarian relief efforts that entail the rapid intervention on labor and material delivered to people in need. Victims need food, clean water, shelter, medical services, and other basics to persevere. Timely delivery of these goods and services can make all the difference in helping communities get back on their feet.

Our objective in responding to disasters is to leave the communities we assist equipped to function better than before the event. To that end, our disaster response services include care for the physical and mental well-being of victims, facilitating community reunification and reintegration, infrastructure revitalization, governance, and capacity building.

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